sexta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2011

*Mon Cheri* Box Gift + J&J MM

Hey guys!
I discover out that you can also find another *Mon Cheri* Gift, you must go to the store and buy a box that costs 0L.

Eu descobri que você pode também encontrar outro presente da *Mon Cheri*, você deve ir a loja e comprar uma caixa que custa 0L.

Lingerie&Shoes: *Mon Cheri* FREE Box Gift
Hair/Cabelo: D!va Hair "Marie" FREE Group Gift

At Jolbey&Jasper you can find this cute outfit on the Midnight Mania Board.
Na Jolbey&Jasper você pode encontrar essa roupa fofa na quadro de Midnight Mania.

Outfit/Roupa: Jolbey & Jasper FREE Midnight Mania Gift
Skin/Pele: JeSyLiLO FREE Group Gift
Hair/Cabelo: Analog Dog "Baby"

Grace O'Malley

quinta-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2011

White Love, Again Hunt

Hey guys!

I'm here to talk about "With Love, Again Hunt", the proposal of this hunt is: "The With Love Hunt 2 will be the fifth CHIC Management hunt with 100 participating brands & will begin on December 9th & run till January 6th. Each hunt Item will be for sale at 10L with a Value at or around 400L. The concept for this hunt is simple; thanking customers for their loyal support throughout the year." 

Eu estou aqui para falar sobre a "With Love, Again Hunt", a proposta desta caçada é: "A With Love Hunt 2 será a quinta caçada feita pela CHIC Management com 100 marcas participando e começará no dia 9 de dezembro e terminará dia 6 de janeiro. Cada item estará em promoção por 10L com um valor que seria em torno de 400L. A concepção dessa caçada é simples; agradecer aos clientes pelo seu leal suporte durante o ano."

Outfit/Roupa: MONS   10L Hint: I’d like to hear your voice… Cause, I miss you so much my love
Shoes/Sapatos: NARDCOTIX    10L Hint: A feline protector
Nails/Unhas: [EY:NO] "Where is... Hunt" FREE Hint: Warm lights
Skin/Pele: JeSyLiLO FREE Group Gift
Hair/Cabelo: D!va Hair "Naomi" FREE Group Gift

Grace O'Malley

*Mon Cheri* Subscribe Gift! ♥

Hello girls!

Today I found the best subscribe gift ever!  Mon Cheri's Dhalia Noir Lingerie! You must go to the store, touch the subscribe board, subscribe it, then click on the the subscribe history button and click again on button number 2.

Hoje eu encontrei o melhor presente de Subscribe que existe! A Dhalia Noir Lingerie feita pela loja Mon Cheri. Você precisa ir a loja, clicar na placa de subscribe, se inscrever, clicar no botão "History" no menu da placa de subscribe e novamente clicar no botão 2.

Outfit/Roupa: *Mon Cheri* FREE Subscribe Gift
Hair/Cabelo: D!va Hair "Marie" FREE Group Gift

Grace O'Malley

quarta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2011

Al Vulo + Dollarbie A Day!

How are you guys? :)

Today I found two new skins, one is the new Al Vulo Group Gift (Nana*Soul of Angel Claveage Milk) and the other is a JeSyLiLo Xmas Group Gift!
I want to share the information about Dollarbie A Day by Vinyl Cafe, the conception is: "The Vinyl Cafe has a brand new project, 'Dollarbie A Day @ The Vinyl Cafe'.  Every day we will be doing a different dollarbie!  If you miss any of our dollarbies they will be on sale  for just 50L."

SAP: Hoje eu encontrei duas novas skins, uma é o novo presente do grupo da Al Vulo (Nana*Soul of Angel Claveage Milk) e o outro é um presente de natal do Grupo da JeSyLiLo!
Quero compartilhar as informações sobre Dollarbie A Day por Vinyl Cafe, a concepção é a seguinte: "O Vinyl Cafe tem um novo projeto, 'A Day Dollarbie @ The Vinyl Café'. Todos os dias estaremos fazendo uma dollarbie diferentes Se você perder algum dos nossos dollarbies eles vão estar à venda por apenas 50L".

Skin/Pele: Al Vulo (Nana*Soul of Angel Claveage Milk) FREE Group Gift
Dress/Vestido: Vinyl Cafe Dollarbie A Day 1L
Hair/Cabelo: D!va Hair "Naomi" FREE Group Gift

Skin/Pele: JeSyLiLO FREE Group Gift

Grace O'Malley

Who needs a fountain?!

I'm here to tell you about the "Creative Angels ByTor Mini-Hunt"
"When: December 23, 2011 – January 4, 2012
Starting location: ByTor
Hunt organizer: Malaika Arcana
Hunt items: Mushrooms
Note from organizer: This mini hunt is in celebration of the grand opening of ByTor City, brought to you by CAH.  You will be looking for mushrooms hidden all over the Bytor City Mall. You must look everywhere or you may miss out on some wonderful gifts brought to you by our angels.!
Yes this is a shroom hunt, now go forth and find your shrooms.!!! there are 20 in total to be found!
Slap the subscriber to join for updates on future hunts and subscriber only deals and gifts…
(the subscriber is the hunt poster found near the ByTor landing point)"
Grace O'Malley

Skins, Shape, Dress and Shoes!

Hello girls!

Soon the "Where is ... Hunt" will end, unfortunately, in December 31st, this is my last post about this hunt, which was very good indeed, at least I think. So be fast and grab what you can! : p
The Skins of MOJO and KRASOTA are really good, my favorite is the "cleavage" version of Krasota, and it's worth going after the Shape of Le*Se, because they cost an average of 500L!

SAP(HAHA): Logo a "Where is... Hunt" acabará, infelizmente, dia 31 de Dezembro, este é meu último post sobre essa caçada, que foi muito boa aliás, pelo menos eu achei. Por isso sejam rápidas! :p
As Skins da MOJO e KRASOTA são realmente boas, minha favorita é a versão "cleavage" (seios mais unidos) da Krasota, e vale a pena ir atrás do Shape da Le*Se, porque eles custam em média 500L!

Skin 1/Pele 1: MOJO  FREE Group Gift
Skin 2&3/Pele 2&3:  "Where is... Hunt "  KRASOTA     
HINT: Witch tree we love?

Shape/Corpo: "Where is... Hunt" Le*Se 
HINT: Black White Fur is watching you
Black Dress/Vestido Preto: "Where is... Hunt" Sticky Fingers 
HINT: He has a carrot instead of a nose…
Shoes/Sapatos: "Where is... Hunt" KristicA                    
HINT:  hard to choose the right booties
Blue Dress/Vestido Azul: "Where is... Hunt" Spirit Store   
HINT: “The Mirror Has Two Faces”
Lollipop/Pirulito: "Where is... Hunt" ..:]Sweet Sin[:..   
HINT: Christmas time… may have something interesting on the tree!!
Hair/Cabelo:  Elikatira NOT FREE "Rumor"

Have fun, girls!
Grace O'Malley

terça-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2011

.::CENSORED::. Reveillon Hunt!

"Olá meninas, a CENSORED está lançando uma caçada de reveillon, são 18 cabides espalhados pela loja, neles contém, skins, vestidos, calças, sapatilhas, blusas, saias e unhas. A caçada é por tempo limitado, então corram. A caçada custa 0L$.

Hello girls, the CENSORED is launching a reveillon hunt, 18 hangers are scattered throughout the store, contain them, skins, dresses, pants, shoes, blouses, skirts and nails. The hunt is on is limited, so run. The hunt costs 0L$."
(Mensagem enviada pela loja para os membros do grupo!)

Grace O'Malley

segunda-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2011

.::CENSORED::. Group Gifts!

Hello guys!
I went to a store called CENSORED where I found lots of Group Gifts!

Skin/Pele: .::CENSORED::. FREE Subscribe Gift 24h! RUN GIRLS :p
Outfit/Roupa: .::CENSORED::. FREE Set Christmas Group Gift
Hair/Cabelo: Elikatira NOT FREE "Quirky" 

Shape&Skin/Corpo&Pele: .::CENSORED::. FREE Group Gift SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY
Hair/Cabelo: Elikatira NOT FREE "Quirky"

Grace O'Malley

Save The World Hunt + Save The Animals Hunt!

Hello, how are you guys? :)
Another day of hunting and look what I found:
Save The World Hunt Blog
Save The Animals Hunt Blog

First Necklace/Primeiro Colar: 4#[:CoLoReTa's:]
hint:try to don't sit on me
Second Necklace/Segundo Colar: 2#SPLASH 
Third Necklace/Terceiro Colar:  6# {*I <3FashiOn*}
hint:How nice to watch the rose in its environment .. a beautiful vase! 

Ballon/Balão: 5#Les sucreries de Fairy
hint: I love Hello Kitty

Skin/Pele: 12#.::CENSORED::.
 hint:Skin Department
Socks/Meias: 14#SPLASH
 hint:Walk very comfortable with them....
Hair/Cabelo: Marie "Type A" D!va Main Store, Free Group Gift, Free to Join
                                                           Lingerie: 19#   [ SAKIDE ] 
hint : Look for a beautiful couple in Winter
                                        Ears & Tail/Orelhas e rabo: Sassy Kitty Designs FREE GIFT

Have Fun Hunting!
Grace O'Malley

LAQ's Subscribe Gift!

OMG, now you can have a LAQ skin for free!
Touch the Subscribe Board and and receive the box with these three skin tones!

Grace O'Malley

::GPD::Saur`s Darkest Dreams 200L Gift Card!

Hey you!
The Store ::GPD::Saur`s Darkest Dreams is giving to customers a 200L Gift Card.
You just need to go to the store and click on the Green Pumpkin and get your card!

::GPD::Saur`s Darkest Dreams

Have fun!
Grace O'Malley

domingo, 25 de dezembro de 2011

New D!va Hairs!

You can find 2 new hairs at D!va Main Store, is a more than 25000 group members Group Gift!

Hairs: Marie "Type A" and "Type B" avaiable at D!va Main Store, Free Group Gift, Free to Join!

Grace O'Malley


Hello guys!
I found two beautiful bags that are Group Gifts of two great stores!

Red & Green Bag: *{SeVered GarDeN}*  FREE Group Gift (also free to join)
Pink Bag: Vita's Boudoir FREE Group Gift (also free to join)

Merry Christmas
Grace O'Malley

sábado, 24 de dezembro de 2011

In love with Lil Lantern Glasses!

Hey you!
I'm here to show more hunt prizes and subscribe gifts!
Click on the stores name to get the SLrul! :)

Top/Blusa: :::LiNe:::  FREE Subscribe Gift (Black/White)
Pants/Calça: [SAKIDE] FREE Group Gift
Glasses/Óculos: :::[NEEDFUL THINGS <3 Mainstore] FREE Christmas Hunt 2 Prize
Scarf/Cachecol: >.:^^:..Xplosion..:^^:.< FREE Christmas Hunt 2 Prize
Shoes/Sapatos: ::Duh!:: Main Store FREE Christmas Hunt 2 Prize
Ring/Anel: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] Main Store FREE Christmas Hunt 2 Prize
Hair/Cabelo: ""D!va"" Main Store FREE Group Gift (also free to join)


Grace O'Malley

sexta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2011

Blacklace's Xmas Gift!

Hello! :)
At Blacklace you can find this cute and FREE xmas lingerie:

 Lingerie: Blacklace's FREE Xmas Gift! HERE

Have fun!
Grace O'Malley

CHRISTMAS HUNT 2 + Where is... Hunt + Shag's Gift!

Hello guys!
I'm here to talk about hunts again! :p
Christmas Hunt 2 Blog, Where is... Hunt Blog and Shag Mainstore.

Outfit/Roupa: Sakide's Christmas Hunt 2 Gift
Hint: I see gingerbread and hot chocolate, did Santa came by already?
Outfit/Roupa: NAMINOKE's Christmas Hunt 2 Gift
                                                          Hint: Top of the big christmas tree
Hair: Shag's Subscribe Gift (You just need to touch the Subscribe Board and you'll receive the gift!)

Outfit: Belote's Where is... Hunt Gift!
Hint: Look the green and red
Hair: Shag's Subscribe Gift (You just need to touch the Subscribe Board and you'll receive the gift!)

Grace O'Malley

quinta-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2011

Gothmas by Gaslight 2011

Hello guys!
Click HERE for Gothmas by Gaslight 2011 Prizes List!
Check out these pictures of Gothmas Hunt's prizes!

Gothic Avi/Avatar Gótico: #79. +Gothic Toys+ (

Have Fun!
Grace O'Malley


Hello guys!
The Hardcore Xxx-mas Hunt offers several good prizes. Click here to check the hunt list.

Hint: Cute pink kitty

Skin/Pele: JeSyLiLO's Xmas FREE Gift *G2

Good luck, hunters!
Grace O'Malley

List of some hunts that are going on!

Hello guys!
Well, I tried to make a list of every hunt I know that is happening:

(Lista de Hunts em andamento)
1. "A Depraved & Desolate Winter GRID WIDE Hunt"
3. Kawaii Toast Hunt~!
4. [:Where is...HunT:]
5. Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt
6. With Love, Again Hunt

(Em Breve)

Grace O'Malley

quarta-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2011

Sakide's Hunt Gifts!

Hello guys!
Today I was hunting at [SAKIDE] Mainstore, when I found 2 great and FREE hunt gifts!
Outfit/Roupa: Never cold Pink & Gray, Where is...hunt Free Gift!

Outfit/Roupa: Little Squaw Leather for TDTH Free Gift!

Grace O'Malley

domingo, 18 de dezembro de 2011

"Where is... Hunt!"

Hey you!
I'm spending all day hunting! lol
I've found really nice prizes for "Where is... Hunt" and another hunts too, let me show ya, guys.

Dress: Free Hunt Prize, Paper.Doll Peyton:Frozen, HERE 
Scarf: Free Hunt Prize, Pepper Accessories, HERE
Sweater: Free Hunt Prize, Piccara's "My Xmas Sweater", HERE

 Dress/Skin: Free Hunt Prize, Quarantine's Vintage Lace Dress, HERE
Shoes: Free Hunt Prize, Retro's Thilight (perhaps it sould be Twilight lol) Shoes, HERE

Grace O'Malley

P.i.X.X.i.S MainStore ROCKS!

I was hunting for "Where is...Hunt" when I found this amazing store called P.i.X.X.i.S where you can find lots of Hunt Prizes and Group Gifts! Even an Advent Board.

Outfit: P.i.X.X.i.S Zebralicious Plum Dark & Light, Free Advent Calendar Gift! HERE

 Outfit: Free Prize - Firs and Furs Hunt! HERE

Jeans: Free Xmas Outfit Jeans! HERE
T-shirt: Free Group Gift 12/11! HERE
Armwarner: Nikolausi Armwarner Golden Stars, Free Xmas Gift (Next to the Xmas Tree)! HERE
Gingerbread: Nikolausi Mouthie, Free Xmas Gift (Next to the Xmas Tree)! HERE
Shoes: Free Elf Shoes for HSH! HERE
Necklace: Free Group Gift 09/11! HERE
Ghost: Free Group Gift 10/11! HERE

Grace O'Malley

Lo*momo Main Store Group Gifts!

Hey ya!
I just found these great Free Group Gifts at Lo*momo Main Store. And is free to join the group! :)

Blouse: L*m Campanula, Free Group Gift HERE
Dress: L*m 3rd Anniv. Dress, Free Group Gift HERE

Grace O'Malley

N-Core Group Gift!

The N-Core Store provided a really cute pair of shoes that you must get. Free to join the group!

Jeans & Top: FREE [SAKIDE] Classy Starfucker Jeans & Leo Top HERE
Shoes: FREE N-Core Group Gift Eclipse "Brown Edition" HERE
Skin & Hair: Not Free

Grace O'Malley

sábado, 17 de dezembro de 2011

.::Mother Goose's::. Free Skins!

Go to Mother Goose's MainStore and check out the free skins on the Lucky Boards!

First Picture: Alicia Freckle Skin Lucky Board Prize
Second Picture: Choi Skin Lucky Board Prize
Third Picture: Prida Skin Lucky Board Prize

Grace O'Malley

*MY UGLYDOROTHY MainShop Free Skins

Check out these free skins from *MY UGLYDOROTHY MainShop Lucky Boards!

First Picture: Christmas Skin Lucky Board Prize
Second Picture: Sopha Skin Lucky Board Prize
Third Picture: Eva Skin Lucky Board Prize

Grace O'Malley

Lucky Board at :::**Ray Skin**::: Cosmetic!

Hello! How are you? :)
I'm here to tell you about a kawaii place where you can find lots of Lucky Boards and win unique outfits!
First you must join the group (free to join! yeaaah) and also you can get Free Gifts!

Outfit: :::**Ray Skin**::: Lucky Board (Group Only, FREE to join), 0L! HERE
Skin: Mean Girls Kinsey Special Skin HERE
Hair: D!va Hair “Chiharu” (Group Gift, free to join) HERE
Tattoo: "W" WARRIOR Store, NOT FREE (350L) HERE

Outfit: :::**Ray Skin**::: Lucky Board (Group Only, FREE to join), 0L! HERE
Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY MainShop Free Lucky Board Prize HERE
Hair: D!va Hair “Chiharu” (Group Gift, free to join) HERE

Grace O'Malley

sexta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2011

Analog Dog Hair SALE, for men & women!

Hello! :)
I'm here to tell that a big sale is happening at Analog Dog Hair Island, you can find good stuff for a prince around 10L-200L! For both, men and women. Have fun! :)

Grace O'Malley

quinta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2011

*COCO* Group Gifts + DIMH3 Hunt Prize!

Hello! :)
Today I'm here to talk about *COCO* Designs, a beautiful store where you can find good Group Gifts for free, and to join the group is free too!

Shirt: *COCO* Group Gift, Hand Print Tee Shirt, 0L! (HERE)
Jacket: *COCO* Group Gift, Shirt&Parka CheckRed, 0L! (HERE)
Boots: *COCO* Group Gift, Flat Ankle Boots Black, 0L! (HERE)

Shorts+Tights: DIMH3 #002 Hunt Prize – Razorblade Jacket (Free),  here (DIMH3 Hunt Blog)
Skin: DIMH3 #070 Hunt Prize – JeSyLiLO *LightSkin* (Free), here (DIMH3 Hunt Blog)
Hair: Not Free

Grace O'Malley