quarta-feira, 11 de abril de 2012

Candy Grace ~

Hey girls!
Today I'm wearing an outfit that I found at Go! and Doughnuts that I saw in a lovely blog "Sl Yummies". Hope you like it.

Outfit/Roupa: Go! "Lolita Daisies" Lucky Board FREE
Socks/Meias: G-Field "Petite Pas Ville" Gift FREE
Doughnuts: pocheDoughnut Gift FREE
Hair/Cabelo: Truth Hair "Bunny" Apple Subscribe Gift FREE

Grace O'Malley

4 comentários:

  1. truth gave a gift? i'm in the subscriber and i've not receipt anything

    1. Yes, Fata, you need to go inworld and touch the subscribe board> history> and it is probably the 1 or 2 option, I hope it still avaiable!

    2. gone but can't find the board. maybe they took them for not allow all to go, subscribe and grab the gift?

    3. Find me inworld and I can help you to find the board, it wasn't easy for me too lol