segunda-feira, 16 de abril de 2012

[Vega*Inc.] Tattoos

Are you into tattoos? Well, if you're, you gonna love the store [Vega*Inc], they sell cool tattoos. And the price is nice, mostly of them costs only 100L! :)

Tattoo: [Vega*Inc.] "Kyoka" 100L
Skin: Mother Goose's "Bomi Teeth" 1L
Hair/Cabelo: D!va Lucky Board NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Pasties/Adesivo: DEF! Lucky Board FREE
Nails/Unhas: [Mad Echo] "Bloody Hell" 10L

Tattoo: [Vega*Inc.] "Hiroshima" 100L
Hair/Cabelo: BunnyStar Productions "Crazy Bunny Pigtails with Headphones" 375L

Tattoo: [Vega*Inc.] "Japanese Vortex" 100L

Tattoo: [Vega*Inc.] "Koi Illusion" 100L

Grace O'Malley

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