sábado, 26 de maio de 2012

Alley Cat

More items from XYROOM! I'm with love with these "Chibi Digi Boots"! Think I'll spend all day in this kitty vibe, rawwwr! :p

Shirt/Blusa: {PopTart}@XYROOM "Meow Cropped Mesh Top" NEW
Boots/Botas: {PopTart}@XYROOM " Chibi Digi Boots" NEW
Nails/Unhas: ..::AKA::..@Market Place "Toxic Long Nails (Mesh)" FREE
Tattoo/Tatuagem: ..::AKA::..@Market Place "Be mine 4ever" FREE
Pants/Calças: [frenzy] "Skinny Jeans Brown" Lucky Board FREE
Makeup/Maquiagem: [Death row Designers] "Makeup" Lucky Chair FREE

Grace O'Malley

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