quarta-feira, 13 de junho de 2012

The Mesh Around Hunt Last Days + Group Gifts ~

The Mesh Around Hunt ends on June 15th, so I decided to show some objects that can be really useful and fun. Also the new group gift from Candy Nail, the old group gift from **MDL** e just a gift from SPLASH.

A Mesh Around Hunt acaba no dia 15 de Junho, então, eu decidi mostrar alguns objetos que podem ser realmente úteis e divertidos. Também o novo presente do grupo da Candy Nail, um presente antigo do grupo da **MDL** e apenas um presente da SPLASH.

Swimsuit/Maiô: **MDL** "Pink Letter" Group Gift FREE
Bare Feet/Pés: *Candy Nail* "Bare Feet" Group Gift FREE
Nails/Unhas: SPLASH "Jelly Bear Nails" Gift FREE


Hint: A whisper in your ear…

Hint: I’ll take what’s behind curtain number 3 Bob!

Hint: Hemingway loves the outdoors.

Hint: Ring the bell for customer service.

(Palm Tree comes with cuddle and dance menu)
Hint: Ring the bell for customer service.

Grace O'Malley

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